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Cats Teach Us Unconditional Love

Another blessed year went by for Mango and her brothers. No matter what happens in life, they don’t get disappointed at each other. In their world, love is simple, and unconditional. When RK was younger, one day he told us his teacher asked who had sisters,  “I raised my hand.” Of course. We have three […]

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An Easy-to-Use and Free Tool for Citing References

My favorite style of citing references is to append a bibliography list at the end of the article. It is mostly personal preference, but this style also offers several benefits, compared to embedded links in the text, to readers in certain fields. A Reference List Appeals to Readers in Certain Fields Typically the reference list […]

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Best Crepes for Thanksgiving Breakfast

I started making crepes for breakfast again.  One day our younger boy gave his food request: can we have crepes for breakfast?  I receive such orders often, and we enjoy cooking food together.  Usually it starts with an online search for best recipes with highest reviews. Only this time, I knew where the best recipe […]

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