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How Much Coffee Should We Drink Each Day?

In 2019 alone, over 2,600 articles on “coffee” or “caffeine” have been published, according to MEDLINE, the most comprehensive database on life sciences and biomedical research. That means on every single day, we can find 5-10 published research articles on coffee or caffeine.  Often these studies reported results that contradict with each other.  More than […]

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How is Kefir Good for Our Health?

Kefir (pronounce as kәFEER) is a fermented drink that is most commonly made from cow milk.  Although not as well-known as yogurt, it is becoming increasingly popular as a probiotics drink.  Here I have summarized its intriguing history, unique characteristics and recent research on its health benefits. What is kefir – 5 fun facts Although […]

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