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Almond Butter Cake

I first had the butter cake with my friend Ting at the California Pizza Kitchen and we loved it so much. It was served warm and was incredibly fluffy yet creamy and moist. I never had another butter cake as nice as that ever since, until I made my own, following a CPK copycat recipe […]

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Turkneer – A Meatless Turkey Made of Roasted Paneer

Turkneer is a Thanksgiving “Turkey” made of roasted paneer. It is my husband’s creation. It was a hit, and he requested that I write a formal recipe. This will be our new Thanksgiving tradition. As RK does not eat any meat, every Thanksgiving, we had to look for a no-meat version of turkey. It is […]

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Whole Wheat Cranberry Sweet Roll

My family love sweet bread rolls that are soft and fluffy. However, it is difficult to make soft and fluffy bread using 100% whole wheat flour without adding any additives. Regular whole wheat won’t make good bread. I needed bread flour. However whole wheat bread flour is hard to find. After extensive search at local […]

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